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Fort Lauderdale Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

When people think of commercial trucks, they typically think of the tractor-trailers that rush down the highways and deliver cargo to different retail outlets. There are many different types of commercial trucks though, and they are used for many different purposes. Garbage trucks are just one type of commercial truck.

Like semi-trucks, flatbed trucks, and other types of commercial vehicles, garbage trucks are very large and they pose a great risk to other motorists on the road. Unlike many other types of commercial truck though, an accident claim involving a garbage truck does pose some challenges. A Fort Lauderdale garbage truck accident lawyer can advise on what these are, and help you overcome them.

Our Fort Lauderdale Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer Knows the Risks These Trucks Impose

You may think nothing of it when you see a garbage truck moving down your street collecting the trash. However, these huge trucks pose a danger as they move through residential areas. It is not easy to navigate a vehicle as large as a garbage truck down narrow neighborhood streets, particularly when multiple vehicles are parked on the side of the road or also moving along the street. Operators of garbage trucks are required to take extra precaution to avoid becoming involved in an accident that results in injury.

Unfortunately, many garbage truck operators do not exercise the necessary caution and an accident ensues. The most common causes of these crashes include:

  • A truck driver fails to notice oncoming traffic and pulls out into the street
  • A truck driver fails to ensure the route they are traveling is free of pedestrians and children
  • A truck driver puts the vehicle into reverse without first checking to ensure no one is behind them
  • A truck driver operates the vehicle while distracted, intoxicated, or fatigued
  • A truck driver fails to turn or yield properly
  • The trucking company improperly maintains or inspects their trucks
  • An arm of a garbage truck may lower while the vehicle is in motion, crashing into nearby vehicles

Our Fort Lauderdale Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help with the Challenges These Claims Present

Many people that collect garbage and recycling in Fort Lauderdale work for the city, and the vehicles are also often owned by the city. When this is the case, you can still file a claim to recover compensation for your injuries, but doing so is not easy. You will face shorter deadlines and may have to take additional steps when filing your claim. Any time you have been injured, it is important to speak to a Fort Lauderdale garbage truck accident lawyer that can advise on your claim.

Call Our Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for the Best Chance of Success

At Rosen Injury Law, P.A., our Fort Lauderdale garbage truck accident lawyer knows that any type of commercial vehicle can cause serious injuries, and is dedicated to helping accident victims claim the compensation they deserve. If you have been hurt, call us today at 954-787-1500 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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