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As the cornerstone of Rosen Injury Law, P.A., Eric Rosen has distinguished himself as Fort Lauderdale’s premier crane accident lawyer. A Board Certified civil trial specialist, a rare accolade held by less than 2% of Florida attorneys, Eric’s courtroom achievements include over $100 million in jury verdicts for his clients. His career, marked by substantial verdicts in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, showcases his commitment to justice for the severely injured.

Eric’s expertise is recognized by prestigious awards like Best Lawyers® and the Top 100 Verdicts in the United States. His educational background includes a J.D. from Nova Southeastern University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. With a career beginning in public service and culminating in the foundation of Rosen Injury Law, Eric’s dedication to victims of negligence is unparalleled.

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At Rosen Injury Law, we stand with those who have suffered due to crane accidents in Fort Lauderdale. We know the physical, emotional, and financial toll these incidents can take. Our team, led by Eric Rosen, is committed to providing compassionate, expert legal support. We aim to make this challenging time easier for you and your family, ensuring you receive the comprehensive legal representation you deserve.


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Understanding the financial burden legal proceedings can add, Rosen Injury Law operates on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t face any upfront fees.

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Rosen Injury Law has a proven track record of securing significant verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Our focus on crane accident cases has led to landmark jury verdicts, reflecting our expertise and dedication to achieving justice for those injured in Fort Lauderdale.

Understanding Your Rights After a Crane Accident in Fort Lauderdale

Close-up of a construction crane over Fort Lauderdale skyline that could lead to a crane injury accident case.

Following a crane accident in Fort Lauderdale, whether you’re a construction worker, a passerby, or a resident affected by such an incident, it’s crucial to understand your rights. In Fort Lauderdale, incidents like a crane falling at a construction site or near a significant structure such as the downtown Fort Lauderdale bridge not only cause disruptions but can result in serious injuries or fatalities.

When a crane section collapses, the consequences can be dire. For example, if a crane section landed on or near the Southeast Third Avenue Bridge or any busy avenue in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the potential for harm to construction workers, marine traffic, and vehicles passing by is high. It’s incidents like these where understanding your rights becomes paramount.

Your right to seek compensation is supported by Florida law, especially if the accident resulted from negligence on the part of the construction company, failure in observing occupational safety and health standards, or due to faulty equipment staged at the site. The legal framework in Fort Lauderdale aims to protect victims of such accidents, allowing them to pursue claims for damages incurred due to minor injuries or more severe outcomes like causing fatal injuries.

How to Protect and Maximize Your Claim Following a Crane Accident in Fort Lauderdale

Expert crane accident lawyers at Rosen Injury Law offering a free consultation for a crane accident victim in Fort Lauderdale.

After a crane accident, especially in areas with heavy traffic and significant pedestrian presence like downtown Fort Lauderdale, taking immediate steps can significantly affect the outcome of your claim. First, ensure that any construction worker involved receives prompt medical attention, and that the scene is secured, preventing further incidents, such as additional crane sections falling or causing blockages to nearby bridges.

Documenting the incident thoroughly can bolster your claim. This includes taking photographs of the crane’s height, the construction site, and any visible damages to structures like the downtown Fort Lauderdale bridge or vehicles. Eyewitness accounts from construction workers, passersby, or marine traffic operators can provide invaluable perspectives on the crane fall event.

Engaging with a Fort Lauderdale crane accident attorney early can also help in liaising with relevant authorities like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Florida Department of Health, or even the Coast Guard if the accident impacts marine traffic. Your attorney can guide you through the legal processes, ensuring that all investigative reports from entities like the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue or statements from officials like Fire Rescue Chief Stephen Gollan are appropriately considered in your claim.

Strategies for Ensuring Thorough Medical Documentation in Crane Accident Cases

In the aftermath of a crane accident, whether it resulted in a construction worker falling or a nearby resident sustaining minor injuries from debris, comprehensive medical documentation is essential. Immediate and detailed records of injuries and treatments not only provide a clear picture of the accident’s impact but also support compensation claims.

If a construction crane falls and results in injuries, ensuring that all medical evaluations, from initial emergency care possibly involving Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue to follow-up treatments, are meticulously recorded is crucial.

Documentation should include details of the crane accident’s circumstances, such as a whole crane section landing a piece hitting the Fort Lauderdale Avenue Bridge or if a crane section remained secured, preventing further injury.

These details can significantly impact the understanding of the accident’s severity and the long-term health implications for those involved.

Medical documentation for a crane accident injury lawsuit in Fort Lauderdale
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Fort Lauderdale’s Laws on Crane Accident Claims

Fort Lauderdale’s legal landscape offers a structured approach to handling crane accident claims. The laws are designed to address the complex nature of such accidents, whether they involve a construction site within the bustling downtown Fort Lauderdale area or incidents that affect the flow of marine traffic on the New River.

Key legislation and regulations from bodies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Florida Department of Health play significant roles in shaping the legal proceedings following a crane accident. These laws ensure that all aspects, from the safety standards at construction sites to the operational protocols for equipment like cranes, are scrutinized to determine liability.

For victims of crane accidents in Fort Lauderdale, including construction workers and bystanders, understanding these legal parameters is essential. A knowledgeable crane accident attorney can navigate these complex laws, focusing on achieving the best possible outcome for their clients. By leveraging detailed knowledge of local statutes, including those specific to construction and occupational safety, an attorney can effectively argue a case that accurately represents the accident’s impact on the victim’s life.

Fort Lauderdale crane accident law firm for injury victims

Common Causes of Crane Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

Crane accidents in Fort Lauderdale often make headlines due to their dramatic and sometimes tragic outcomes. One notable incident involves the downtown Fort Lauderdale Southeast Third Avenue Bridge, where a construction crane’s fall led to significant disruptions and safety concerns. Such accidents underscore the complexity and hazards associated with a crane’s height and operation, particularly in areas bustling with construction, like downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Key factors contributing to crane accidents include:

Equipment Failure:

Cranes are mechanical beasts. Despite rigorous standards, parts can fail, leading to catastrophic outcomes. For instance, if a crane piece or crane section becomes compromised, the risk of the entire structure collapsing increases dramatically.

Operator Error:

Construction workers, including crane operators, are highly skilled. However, human error can occur, especially under tight deadlines or challenging conditions. A momentary lapse can lead to a crane falling or dropping its load, causing severe injuries or even fatalities.

Inadequate Safety Measures:

Occupational safety and health are paramount on construction sites. Unfortunately, lapses in safety protocols or failure to adhere to the Florida Department of Health Administration’s guidelines can lead to accidents. Ensuring that cranes and other equipment staged near active sites, like the downtown Fort Lauderdale bridge projects, remain secured is crucial.

Environmental Conditions:

Fort Lauderdale's weather can be unpredictable. Strong winds, especially near the New River or along the coastline, can affect a crane's stability. Moreover, marine traffic in the area can add to the complexity of crane operations, particularly when cranes are used for bridge construction or maintenance.

Advice for Avoiding Crane Accident Injuries

Preventing crane accidents requires vigilance and a commitment to safety from everyone on a construction site. Construction companies, workers, and particularly crane operators must prioritize safety to avoid incidents like a deadly crane collapse or construction worker falls. Here are some practical tips:

Jobsite with high potential for a crane accident injury settlement in Florida
  • Regular Maintenance: Ensure that all parts of the crane, from the crane piece itself to its cables and winches, are in excellent condition. Regular checks can prevent equipment failure.

  • Safety Training: Construction workers should undergo regular training on occupational safety and health, focusing on the specific risks associated with crane operation. This training should include emergency response actions if a crane falls or if a crane section lands unexpectedly.

  • Environmental Awareness: Keep an eye on the weather and other environmental factors that could impact crane stability. Operations should be paused or adjusted in response to high winds or other hazardous conditions.

  • Clear Communication: Effective communication among team members is vital. Whether it’s coordinating movements around a nearby bridge or responding to an emergency, clear signals and instructions can prevent accidents.


Insurance Claims and Settlements for Crane Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

After a crane accident in Fort Lauderdale, dealing with insurance claims becomes a critical step for all parties involved. Whether it’s a construction company facing a lawsuit or a construction worker dealing with injuries, understanding the nuances of insurance policies is key. Effective communication with insurance companies is essential but can be daunting. An experienced crane accident attorney can make a significant difference, ensuring that victims are fairly compensated for their injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Comparative Negligence and Its Implications for Claims in Fort Lauderdale

Comparative negligence is a critical concept in personal injury claims in Fort Lauderdale, especially in crane accident cases. This legal principle comes into play if both the plaintiff and the defendant are found to have contributed to the incident. For example, if a construction crane falls due to a mix of equipment failure and a construction worker’s error, both parties might share liability.

In scenarios where a crane piece causes destruction or injury on the Fort Lauderdale bridge or when construction workers suffer falls the comparative negligence rule means that compensation can be adjusted based on each party’s degree of fault. It’s vital to have a skilled crane accident attorney to accurately present the case and ensure that the victim’s contribution to the accident is fairly evaluated, especially in complex cases involving multiple parties and factors like marine traffic disruption or emergency response from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

Jobsite with high potential for a crane accident injury settlement in Florida
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Benefits of Legal Support in Crane Accident Insurance Claim Negotiations

Legal support in negotiations with insurance companies is invaluable. Attorneys experienced in crane accident cases bring a deep understanding of the law, as well as the tactics insurance companies may use to minimize payouts. For instance, if a construction worker falls from a crane and the insurance company disputes the extent of the injuries, a skilled attorney can provide the necessary evidence to support the claim. Legal expertise is especially crucial in complex cases, such as those involving multiple parties or when a crane’s failure impacts public areas, like the Fort Lauderdale bridge incidents.

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Victims of crane accidents in Fort Lauderdale deserve representation that understands the complexities of their cases. An expert crane accident attorney can navigate through the layers of legal and insurance challenges, ensuring that victims receive the compensation they need to recover. From investigating the cause of the crane fall to representing victims in court, a dedicated attorney provides essential support. For construction workers injured on the job or individuals affected by crane accidents near the downtown Fort Lauderdale area or the Southeast Third Avenue Bridge, the expertise of a seasoned attorney is crucial. Such legal professionals not only advocate on behalf of their clients but also work tirelessly to ensure that safety standards are enforced to prevent future accidents.

Why Rosen Is the Right Choice for Your Crane Accident Case in Fort Lauderdale

Understanding your rights and the legal process is crucial following a crane accident in Fort Lauderdale. Seeking experienced legal representation can help ensure that you navigate the complexities of your case effectively, aiming for the best possible outcome in your lawsuit or settlement.

Rosen Injury Law’s deep understanding of local laws, combined with our commitment to our clients and proven track record, makes us the ideal choice for anyone affected by a crane accident in Fort Lauderdale.

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FAQs: Get Crane Accident Injury Settlement Answers

Immediately after a crane accident, prioritize safety and seek medical attention, even if injuries seem minor. Report the incident to the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue if the accident occurred near a significant area like downtown Fort Lauderdale or the Southeast Third Avenue Bridge. Documenting the scene, if safely possible, can be invaluable. Photos, videos, and witness accounts can significantly support your case when working with a Fort Lauderdale crane accident attorney.

Yes, under Florida’s comparative negligence law, you can still claim compensation even if you were partially at fault. For example, if a construction worker or a pedestrian near the downtown Fort Lauderdale bridge was partly responsible for an accident involving a crane fall, they might still recover damages. The compensation, however, may be adjusted based on their percentage of fault.

Victims of crane accidents can recover various types of damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. For instance, if a construction crane falls causing injuries, the victim can seek compensation for immediate medical treatments and any long-term care needed. Emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life are also compensable damages.

In Florida, personal injury lawsuits, including those for crane accidents, must generally be filed within four years from the date of the accident. However, it’s crucial to consult with a Fort Lauderdale crane accident attorney early to ensure your rights are fully protected and to navigate the complexities of your case effectively.

A skilled crane accident attorney can provide invaluable assistance, from thoroughly investigating the accident—whether it involved construction workers, a crane piece falling, or a crane section landing on equipment staged near a nearby bridge—to negotiating with insurance companies. Their expertise is especially crucial in complex cases, such as when a construction crane causes injuries or fatalities.

Liability can extend to multiple parties, including the construction company, crane operator, crane manufacturer, or even local government entities if the accident involved public infrastructure like the Fort Lauderdale bridge. Determining liability requires a thorough investigation into the accident’s cause, whether it was a failure in following occupational safety and health guidelines, equipment malfunction, or inadequate training.

Violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines can significantly impact a crane accident case. If it’s determined that safety regulations were not followed, leading to the crane accident, this can strengthen the victim’s claim. A knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale crane accident attorney can work with experts to investigate safety violations and build a compelling case.

Settlements are calculated based on various factors, including the severity of injuries, the impact on the victim’s quality of life, lost wages, and future medical needs. In cases of catastrophic injuries or fatalities, such as those that might occur if a construction worker fell or a crane piece caused deadly injuries, settlements can be significant to cover the extensive damages incurred.

Yes, if a loved one dies in a deadly crane collapse accident, surviving family members may file a wrongful death lawsuit. This can cover funeral expenses, loss of income, loss of companionship, and more. Cases involving fatal injuries, like those that might occur with a deadly crane collapse in downtown Fort Lauderdale, require sensitive and skilled legal handling to ensure the family receives just compensation.

While the Florida Department of Health Administration itself may not play a direct role in individual lawsuits, adherence to its regulations and guidelines, as well as those set forth by OSHA, is crucial for establishing safety violations that contributed to the accident. Documentation of violations can be a critical component of a lawsuit, demonstrating negligence on the part of the construction company or other entities involved in the crane operation in causing fatal injuries.

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