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Our Skilled Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys Can Help.

Florida has three cruise ship ports, and they see more passengers than any other port in the state. Of these three, the Miami port is the busiest, seeing approximately 25 million passengers every year. All of these passengers expect to have an adventure they will remember for the rest of their life but unfortunately, that does not always happen.

People become injured and sick on cruise ships often and when they do, the aftermath is particularly scary. Accident victims usually do not know what to do, or how to claim compensation for their injuries. Fortunately, our Fort Lauderdale cruise ship injury lawyer knows the claims process and will help you through it so you claim the fair settlement you deserve.

Our Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer will Fight the Major Cruise Lines

Most cruise lines operate out of Miami and so, if you need to file a lawsuit, you will likely have to do so there. It is important to retain your cruise ship ticket, as all cruise lines operate slightly differently and your ticket will likely state where you must file a lawsuit. This is one reason why filing a lawsuit against a cruise ship company is so complex. Another reason is the fact that all of the biggest cruise ship lines will have teams of lawyers working to shield them from liability.

Our Fort Lauderdale cruise ship injury lawyer has the necessary experience to hold the biggest cruise lines accountable for their negligent acts. We can help if you have been injured while on any of the following cruise ships:

  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Crystal Cruises
  • Princess Cruises
  • Cost Cruises
  • Asamara Cruises
  • Holland America Line

Filing a claim against any of the above cruise lines is challenging. You need a lawyer that will protect your rights, act in your best interests at all times, and help you claim the compensation you need.

Our Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer Can Overcome the Unique Challenges of These Claims

Many people assume that claims involving a cruise line are the same as other personal injury cases. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Cruise ship accidents present a number of unique challenges and they include:

  • Different time limits: The statute of limitations on most personal injury claims in Fort Lauderdale is four years from the date of the accident. When filing a claim for a cruise ship injury, you typically have a much shorter amount of time to file your claim.
  • Different laws: Accidents that occur on international waters and public waterways are governed by maritime law, but state laws may still apply to your case. Additionally, if you were injured while in a different country, the laws of that region may also apply.
  • Medical care: Doctors are always onboard cruise ships, but that does not mean they have the necessary experience with your specific injury. You should obtain medical help onboard if that is your only option but if your injuries become worse because you did not receive proper care, it could affect your claim.

Call Our Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for Help with Your Claim

If you have been hurt while on vacation, our Fort Lauderdale cruise ship injury lawyer at Rosen Injury Law, P.A. is here to help. Our skilled attorney knows how to take on the big cruise lines and will hold them accountable for paying the fair settlement you deserve. Call us today at 954-787-1500 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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Our personal injury law firm does not collect any legal fees up front. Rosen Injury Law will cover all costs related to your case. We only charge a fee when we win your case (this is called a ‘contingency fee’). As a result, Rosen Injury Law is committed to seeking the maximum compensation for your case.

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Eric Rosen is a Florida injury lawyer and Board Certified by the Florida Bar as a civil trial specialist, a certification held by less than 2% of all attorneys licensed to practice law in Florida. As lead trial attorney, Eric has obtained over $100 million in jury verdicts for his clients in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.

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