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Introducing Eric Rosen

Fort Lauderdale's Choice Auto Accident Lawyer

Former Broward County Assistant District Attorney, Eric Rosen, and his tenacious team of Fort Lauderdale auto accident lawyers, are always prepared to prevail in courtrooms.

Rosen Injury attorneys are masters of litigation, and regularly battle insurance companies to ensure fair and just settlements for vehicle injury victims. Mr. Rosen’s clients have been awarded more than $100 Million in settlements for the physical, emotional, and financial losses they’ve incurred as accident victims. Rosen Injury lawyers are known for no-nonsense, fervent litigation that demands and achieves justice.


Exceptional Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Attorneys

If you’re involved in an automobile accident, it can instantly turn your life upside down. Physical injury, emotional turmoil, and, possibly, loss of a loved one’s life can all be devastating. Trust the legal experts at Rosen Injury to fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve to mitigate your losses.


No-Fee Policy

Eric Rosen and his team are compassionate attorneys who handle their cases on contingency, meaning that automobile accident victims pay nothing upfront for superior legal representation.


Free Consultation

There’s no charge for your initial consultation with Rosen Injury’s Fort Lauderdale auto accident lawyers. Come in and discuss your case, or Mr. Rosen or one of his associates can come to you.


Proven Results

Rosen Injury attorneys have secured more than $100 Million in settlements for personal injury victims in and nearby Fort Lauderdale, FL. Trust us to fight big insurance companies, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re involved in an automobile accident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the first thing to do, if needed, is to call an ambulance, and the fire department. Then, call your attorney and the police. An official report is important in court, and will help your lawyer to progress through the case much easier.

Of course, it will be up to the court to decide who is at fault in an accident, but you can help the process progress fluently by contacting your lawyer, taking notes, snapping some pictures or video, and talking with witnesses. Follow your attorney’s advice carefully when you’re in this situation.

If you’re involved in a Fort Lauderdale traffic accident, and you’re able to do so, take notes of the other driver’s name (or names), telephone number, vehicle type, driver’s license number, insurance company name, insurance policy number, and address. And, if you’re able to, snap some pictures and take some videos with your phone.

Always follow your attorney’s advice about what to say and do if you’re in an accident. Although few are ever really thrilled about calling the police, it’s the best thing to do after an accident, even if yours seems minor. It will protect your rights and help your lawyer to represent you better.

It’s very important to expeditiously seek medical attention after an automotive accident. It will help to protect your legal rights, ensure just compensation for injuries, and ensure your safety, even if you don’t think anything’s wrong. Sometimes, life-threatening injuries don’t announce themselves right away.

The most common injury that results in automotive accidents is whiplash. Other common medical issues that result are broken bones, hemorrhaging and other internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Of course, cuts, scrapes, bruising, strains, and sprains are also common.

If you’re searching for the most vigorous, capable Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys, schedule a free consultation with the intelligent, straightforward litigators at Rosen Injury. Eric Rosen and his team have achieved more than $100 Million in settlements for their clients in personal injury lawsuits. No fees upfront. You only pay if you win in court.

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We go the extra mile to help our clients get the settlement they deserve.

Excellent law firm!

Excellent experience with AlexL litowsky and Eric Rosen as well very on hands very professional extremely efficient very responsive a pleasure to work with easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend them to answer all your questions and help you with all your needs. Excellent law firm.

Ernie Salgan

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