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Meet Eric Rosen

Leading Car Accident Lawyer in Delray Beach

Eric Rosen is a former Broward County Assistant District Attorney. Today, in his private practice law firm, Rosen Injury, he and his team of determined personal injury lawyers are highly revered as no-nonsense litigators who demand and achieve justice for their injured and distraught clients.

Rosen’s attorneys battle insurance companies every day to secure lucrative settlements for their clients who’ve sustained physical, emotional, or financial losses due to the negligence of others. To date, Rosen Injury clients have been awarded in excess of $100 million for their losses and suffering in Delray Beach.

Rosen’s attorneys battle insurance companies every day to secure lucrative settlements for their clients who’ve sustained physical, emotional, or financial losses due to the negligence of others. To date, Rosen Injury clients have been awarded in excess of $100 million for their losses and suffering in Delray Beach.

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Our Top-Rated Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help

Automobile accidents can devastate life with physical injury, emotional anguish, financial loss, and, possibly, the loss of a family member or friend. If you’re in this unfortunate situation, you can trust the legal professionals at Rosen Injury to battle hard in court to get you fair compensation for all the turmoil you’re experiencing. It’s crucial to have legal representation, especially in cases of driver’s negligence, to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Our firm has extensive experience in negotiating with insurance companies to secure fair settlements that cover medical bills, loss of and lost wages, and other damages. We understand the tactics insurance companies may use to minimize payouts, and we’re prepared to fight for your best interests.


No-Fee Policy

The team of experienced personal injury attorneys at Rosen works on a contingency basis. That means that you will never owe the law firm a penny unless you win your case and receive your settlement.


Free Consultation

You can come in, sit down, and discuss your case with our professional attorneys for free. You’ll find our expert advice very valuable, and better understand the plausibility of your lawsuit.


Proven Results

The dedicated team of lawyers at Rosen Injury has secured more than $100 million in settlements for our esteemed clients. We’re highly recognized in this area as no-nonsense litigators who win Delray Beach personal injury cases often.

Compensation After a Delray Beach Car Accident

Understanding Your Rights

In the wake of a Florida car accident that leaves you injured or with significant losses, you may be entitled to a range of compensatory damages. Recognizing these damages and knowing the legal pathways to claim them is essential for your recovery process, especially considering Florida’s unique no-fault auto insurance regulations and the pure comparative negligence doctrine.

The potential compensations are generally classified into three main groups:


These represent actual financial losses that can be precisely quantified. They encompass:

Medical bills: Covers all health-related expenses from the incident, including emergency services, hospitalization, doctor consultations, prescription drugs, and ongoing therapies.

Lost earnings: Compensation for the income lost due to the accident, encompassing wages, commissions, and other benefits.

Property loss: Costs for repairing or replacing your vehicle and any personal items damaged in the crash, such as electronics.


These cover losses that affect your lifestyle and well-being, which are subjective and valued based on impact evidence and testimonies. They include:

Pain and suffering: The physical discomfort and emotional distress resulting from the accident, including ongoing pain, anxiety, and depression.

Reduced life enjoyment: The loss of ability to engage in hobbies or activities that were part of your life before the injury.

Consortium loss: The adverse effect on the relationship and intimacy with your spouse or partner due to the injuries sustained.


Although rare, if the responsible party’s actions were particularly malicious or showed a gross disregard for safety, you might be eligible for punitive damages. These serve both as punishment for negligent drivers and as a deterrent against future negligent behavior.

Key Considerations:

Florida’s serious injury threshold: For claiming non-economic damages like pain and suffering, your injuries must surpass a defined severity level, necessitating significant and enduring treatment.

Professional legal consultation: Understanding the specifics of your eligible damages can be complex. It’s vital to seek advice from a seasoned car accident attorney. They can evaluate your case, compile essential evidence, negotiate with insurers, and champion for a just settlement on your behalf.

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The Importance of Prompt Legal Action After a Delray Beach Car Accident

Acting swiftly following a car accident is critical for several reasons:

Evidence Collection

Starting the evidence collection process early enhances its effectiveness. This includes securing witness accounts, police documentation, medical reports, and capturing visual evidence of the accident scene and your injuries. Delay can lead to evidence degradation or loss.

Accident Analysis

A proficient car accident attorney can conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain the accident’s causation and pinpoint liable parties, which is pivotal for formulating a strong compensation claim.

Insurance Negotiation

Insurers frequently attempt to settle claims for less than their worth. An attorney can represent your interests, ensuring you’re offered a settlement accurately reflecting your losses. It's crucial to avoid direct discussions with the other party's insurance company or accepting early offers without legal advice. An experienced attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to potentially extend coverage for medical bills and loss of wages.

Reaching out to a reputable Delray Beach car accident attorney promptly after your first incident report is advisable. They can navigate you through the legal intricacies, safeguard your rights, and assist in securing the maximum compensation that you’re entitled to.

Safeguarding Your Rights and Securing Compensation

Securing your entitlements after a car accident necessitates swift action.

Here’s what to bear in mind:

Group 37485

Florida mandates a two-year statute of limitations for the majority of car accident claims, with specific exceptions, such as wrongful death cases or those involving minors.

Group 37485

Even with seemingly straightforward cases or when an insurance offer seems adequate, consulting with a legal expert remains crucial.

Group 37485

Prompt action is essential to ensure vital evidence is preserved and to fortify your case.

Group 37485

Don't allow the statute of limitations to impede your recovery journey. Proactively seeking legal guidance is key to navigating your situation effectively.

Additional Resources

For further information and support, consider these resources:

Group 37485

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles:

Group 37485

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

A Delray Beach Car Accident Lawyer working to recover damages and medical expenses for a client after a drunk driver was at fault for negligence

Car Accident Insights in Delray Beach, FL

Statistics from the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) identify Florida among the states with the highest vehicular fatalities. These figures, while alarming, only scratch the surface of the broader risks present on our roads.

The economic and societal impacts of auto accidents underscore the importance of fostering safer driving environments. For comprehensive statistics, visit the IIHS website.

Selecting a Proficient Car Accident Attorney

Choosing the right attorney after an auto accident is pivotal. With the abundance of legal professionals available, determining the most fitting representation for your personal injury case requires careful consideration.

Here’s how to identify a capable car accident attorney:

01: Experience and Success Rate

Prioritize attorneys with a solid background in handling car accident claims, particularly within Delray Beach. Their success in securing favorable outcomes in similar cases is a strong indicator of their capabilities.

02: Credentials and Focus

Verify the attorney's licensure to practice in Florida and their specialization in personal injury, especially car accidents. Specialization reflects a commitment to mastering the nuances of car accident law.

03: Communication and Responsiveness

Choose an attorney who values transparent and ongoing communication. Feeling comfortable and informed throughout the process is crucial for a trustworthy attorney-client relationship.

04: Fee Structure

Clarify the attorney's fee arrangements. Many operate on a contingency basis, meaning their payment is contingent upon winning your case. Be cautious of any undisclosed costs.

05: Client Feedback

Investigate reviews and testimonials from former clients to gauge the attorney's effectiveness and client service quality. Real-world experiences provide valuable insights into what to expect.

06: Personal Rapport

Beyond credentials, it’s important that you feel a personal connection with your attorney. Trust and confidence in their commitment to your case are indispensable.

Take your time to evaluate each potential attorney, ensuring they meet your criteria and share your commitment to achieving justice. Utilizing resources such as the Florida Bar Association’s website can also aid in finding reputable legal professionals in Delray Beach.

Getting Compensation After a Car Accident in Delray Beach

The upheaval following a car accident, coupled with severe injuries, and the complexity of insurance claims or lawsuits, can be daunting. The stark statistics underscore the risks but also highlight the importance of proactive steps towards recovery. In Delray Beach, partnering with a proficient car accident lawyer is crucial for a favorable outcome.

Key Considerations for Your Journey:

A Florida car accident law firm working with the insurance company to recover maximum compensation for an auto accident injury involving comparative fault

Assess Your Circumstances

Injury Severity: The nature and severity of your injuries define the scope of your claim. Document any immediate discomfort or visible injuries and prioritize medical evaluation.

Financial Implications: Reflect on lost income, medical expenditures, anticipated future treatment costs, and property damage. Compile all pertinent financial documents.

Emotional Impact: The psychological aftermath of an accident, including stress, anxiety, or PTSD, deserves recognition and consideration in your legal strategy.

Pursue Professional Advice

  • Specialization in Personal Injury Law: Seek attorneys with a track record in auto accident cases, particularly those familiar with Delray Beach’s legal landscape. Their expertise in local statutes and procedural nuances is invaluable.

Initial Consultation at No Cost: Esteemed attorneys often provide complimentary case evaluations. This is an opportunity to inquire, assess their grasp of your case, and understand their approach to communication.

Feedback from Clients: Explore reviews and client testimonials to discern the attorney’s reliability, efficacy, and client service quality.

Leverage Additional Resources

Florida Bar Association: Use their website for a comprehensive directory of legal professionals by specialization and locality.

Delray Beach Police Department: Secure your accident report, a critical document for your lawyer to review the incident details.

Visit the DBPD’s website here

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles: Access crash statistics and driver safety resources on their platform.

Visit FLHSMV’s website here

Embarking on this path with adept legal support can transform your journey from one of adversity to recovery. A skilled personal injury attorney not only facilitates your quest for justice but also aids in securing the financial compensation you rightfully deserve, setting you on a course toward rehabilitation.

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Addressing Your Car Accident Concerns in Delray Beach

Group 37485

What Assistance Does a Delray Beach Car Accident Attorney Offer? In Delray Beach, a car accident lawyer aids in securing compensation for injuries from vehicular incidents. We stand up for your rights, especially when motor vehicle accidents lead to serious damage due to overturns or significant injuries.

Group 37485

Timeline for Filing a Claim Post-Auto Accident: Florida statutes mandate seeking of medical care and attention for accident injuries within 14 days, weekends and holidays included, to maintain eligibility for PIP coverage under auto insurance. Failure to adhere could result in forfeiture of comprehensive health insurance coverage, for accident-related injuries.

Group 37485

Cost of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney: Understanding the financial strain of an a car accident lawyer, our Delray Beach lawyers work on a contingency basis, ensuring you face no upfront fees. Our Rosen Free Guarantee and complimentary consultation offer peace of mind without financial commitment.

Group 37485

Immediate Steps After a Car Accident: Promptly seeking legal assistance post-accident is crucial. Early legal intervention prevents insurers from diminishing your compensation, ensuring your rights are safeguarded and you're aptly compensated for your injuries and losses.

Group 37485

Dealing with Blame from Insurance Companies: Don’t panic. Florida's laws permit recovery of compensation even if insurance claim you're partially at fault, thanks to a modified comparative fault system. This means compensation is adjusted based on your level of responsibility for vehicles involved in the accident.

Group 37485

Determining Liability for Accidents and Injuries: Vehicular accidents often lead to serious injuries, with liability resting on the driver at fault. Rosen Injury Law's attorneys excel in pinpointing the cause and extent of damages, advocating for your rightful compensation.

Group 37485

Covering Medical Bills Post-Accident: Florida mandates personal injury protection (PIP) for all vehicle owners, covering up to $10,000 in medical expenses after auto accidents. Costs exceeding this may require seeking compensation from the at-fault party’s insurer.

Group 37485

Selecting a Car Accident Lawyer: When comparing auto accident attorneys in Delray Beach, consider their experience, success rates, client reviews, and specialization in vehicular and pedestrian accident and cases. A qualified beach car accident lawyer well versed in insurance negotiations can significantly sway the outcome in your favor.

Group 37485

Uninsured Drivers and Your Compensation: Despite Florida's optional bodily injury policies, purchasing uninsured motorist protection is wise, covering costs when at-fault drivers lack adequate insurance coverage.

Group 37485

Duration of Car Accident Claims: Typically, insurers have about 30 days to review car accident cases and claims. Delray Beach's no-fault insurance ensures your immediate economic damages are covered, but pursuing general damages for pain and suffering traumatic brain injuries might necessitate legal action.

Group 37485

Expected Compensation from a Car Accident: Compensation varies, with your insurer covering economic damages irrespective of fault. General damages, reflective of the accident’s impact, could significantly increase your insurance claim’s value.

Group 37485

Filing a Claim When Partially At-Fault: Yes, you can still pursue a claim even if the accident was partly your fault, with potential reductions in general damages reflecting your share of liability for car crash.

Group 37485

Establishing Fault in a Car Accident: A combination of accident reports, medical records, visual evidence, and possibly expert testimony is crucial in proving the other driver's negligence or fault, essential in a state like Florida where comparative negligence can affect your compensation.

A Delray beach car accident lawyer giving a free consultation with an automobile accident victim to recover money for serious damage

Frequent Causes of Car Accidents in Delray Beach

Driving in urban settings like Delray Beach in Palm Beach County introduces several hazards that can lead to traffic accidents often, including excessive speed and inattentiveness. The danger of speeding lies in the diminished reaction times and increased stopping distances required, which can have catastrophic outcomes. Distraction among drivers, even at speeds within legal limits, presents an equal if not greater risk. Despite the implementation of texting-while-driving prohibitions, distractions continue to pose a significant threat on the roads.

To reduce your risk, maintain focus on driving, steer clear of distractions such as mobile devices and eating, and stay alert to your environment. Opting for a taxi or rideshare can alleviate the stress of driving, but passenger safety is ultimately dependent on the driver’s concentration and carefulness. It’s advisable to select well-regarded services and remain observant of the driver’s actions.

Many drivers ignore speed limits in their haste, compromising their ability to respond to traffic changes effectively.

The temptation to engage with smartphones and other gadgets can pull drivers’ attention away from driving, raising the chance of mishaps. Despite regulations against texting while driving, distractions continue to endanger motorists.

Actions like tailgating and erratic lane changes create a dangerous road environment, increasing the likelihood of collisions.

Alcohol or drug impairment significantly affects a driver’s judgment and motor skills, posing a risk to all road users.

Failing to yield at intersections or during lane mergers can result in serious accidents, particularly in congested areas.

Unexpected weather changes can surprise drivers, decreasing visibility and road grip, and heightening accident risks.

  • New drivers, including young people and those unfamiliar with urban driving, may not possess the necessary skills to navigate Delray Beach’s bustling streets safely.


Drivers are urged to prioritize safety by adhering to traffic regulations, avoiding distractions, and exercising caution at all times. Considering alternative transportation options, such as ridesharing or public transportation, can also contribute to safer roads for everyone.

Deadline for Filing Car Accident Lawsuits in Delray Beach, Florida

In the state of Florida, individuals involved in car accidents have a two-year window to initiate legal action in civil court. This countdown begins on the date of the accident. Failing to adhere to this deadline can jeopardize your ability to seek damages through the legal system. It’s crucial to engage a proficient auto accident lawyer soon after the incident to ensure all critical filing deadlines are met, safeguarding your chance to secure rightful compensation.

Delray Beach car accident lawyers working on a personal injury case with the at-fault driver's insurance company to file a claim to recover damages.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations After a Delray Beach Car Accident

Florida mandates a two-year statute of limitations for filing car accident lawsuits, starting from the accident date. This period is your window to seek legal recourse for various damages, including:

Medical Expenses

Costs incurred for both immediate and ongoing medical treatment due to injuries from the accident.

Lost Earnings

Compensation for the income lost due to inability to work during recovery.

Pain and Suffering

Recognition and compensation for both the physical pain and emotional distress experienced as a result of the accident.

Vehicle and Property Damage

Costs for repairing or replacing your car and any other personal property damaged in the incident.

Neglecting this deadline can lead to significant legal impediments. Should you attempt to file a lawsuit beyond the two-year mark, the court is likely to dismiss your case, effectively eliminating your opportunity to pursue compensation or to claim any compensation.

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10 Key Advantages of Having a Car Accident Attorney After a Delray Beach Collision

The period following a serious car accident can leave you grappling with injuries, psychological distress, and an overwhelming amount of expenses. Facing insurance entities and untangling legal complexities while recuperating can seem daunting. This is where the expertise of a car accident attorney becomes invaluable.

Consider your attorney as your advocate, a steadfast supporter who is committed to ensuring you receive the comprehensive compensation you rightfully deserve for future medical expenses. Below are ten reasons why the support of a knowledgeable attorney is crucial:

1. Enhanced Compensation

Insurance firms often propose settlements that fall short of covering your total losses. A seasoned attorney possesses the acumen to accurately assess your case, quantify your damages, and negotiate tenaciously to obtain the highest possible compensation. This includes medical expenses, lost income, as well as pain and suffering, emotional turmoil, and prospective earnings loss.

2. Thorough Investigation and Evidence Collection

A robust case is built on strong evidence. Your attorney will conduct a detailed investigation, amassing crucial documents such as police reports, eyewitness accounts, photographs from the accident scene, and medical records. They might also engage specialists in accident reconstruction and medical experts to enhance your claim.

3. Legal System Guidance

The legal realm is intricate, filled with stringent deadlines, extensive paperwork, and potential court proceedings. Your attorney manages all these legal intricacies, ensuring compliance with deadlines, appropriate filing of documents, and effective court representation if needed.

4. Stress Reduction

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident and pursuing a lawsuit can be taxing. Your attorney alleviates the legal burden, allowing you to concentrate on healing both physically and emotionally.

5. Equitable Representation

With insurance companies deploying their legal teams, it’s pivotal you have an equally adept lawyer to advocate on your behalf, knowledgeable in both legal and insurance sectors.

6. Peace of Mind

Having a competent attorney by your side can offer significant reassurance during such trying times.

7. Avoiding Costly Errors

Inadvertently providing incorrect information to an insurance adjuster or agreeing to an unfair settlement can compromise your case. Your lawyer will guide you on communication and actions to safeguard your interests.

8. Ensuring Accountability

A car accident can drastically alter your life, and it’s only right that those responsible are held accountable. Your lawyer aims to ensure the liable parties compensate for your injuries and losses adequately.

9. Expert Consultations

Your case might necessitate insights from medical experts, economists, and other specialists. An attorney’s network of professionals can contribute critical expertise and testimonies to bolster your claim.

10. Dedicated Support with Rosen Injury Law P.A.

If an automobile accident has impacted you, Rosen Injury Law P.A. offers a team of dedicated and empathetic car accident attorneys ready to assist. They understand the immense physical, emotional, and financial strain you’re under and are dedicated to advocating for your interests relentlessly.

Don't allow insurance companies or medical providers to undermine your situation

Reach out to Rosen Injury Law P.A. for their personal injury attorneys for a complimentary consultation on personal injury claims, and let their expertise be your advantage in your recovery journey.

Act swiftly to engage a car accident attorney to enhance your chances of formulating a solid case and achieving the maximum compensation that you merit. Delay no further; seek the necessary assistance to progress past your first car accident lawyers.

Rosen Injury Law P.A. pledges to support you at every juncture.

Top FAQs To Car Accident Lawyers in Delray Beach

Whether your car or truck crashed or flipped out of its way, it’s possible you had many questions. Lawyers who specialize in car accident lawsuits are prepared to address you and help minimize your worries after such an accident and will help you recover damages for your injuries. The key is to find a personal injury or auto accident lawyer, who will provide you with professional legal advice.

Most Delray Beach car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t pay any upfront fees. Attorney fees are a percentage of the settlement or verdict amount, typically ranging from 33⅓% to 40%, depending on the case’s complexity.

Yes, hiring a Delray Beach car accident attorney can significantly improve the outcome of your case. An experienced lawyer can handle all legal aspects, from dealing with insurance companies to representing you in court, ensuring you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

The amount one can sue for depends on the specific details of the accident, including the extent of injuries, damages, and the impact on the victim’s life. There’s no cap on damages for personal injury cases in Florida, allowing victims to seek full compensation for their losses.

Florida laws regarding car accidents are subject to change. It’s essential to consult with Delray Beach car accident lawyers to understand the most current laws affecting car accident claims, including fault, insurance requirements, and statutes of limitations.

The average accident settlement varies widely based on injury severity, case complexity, and negotiation skills. Settlements can range from thousands to millions of dollars. An experienced car accident lawyer in Delray Beach can help estimate the value of your case.

The timeline for a car accident settlement in Florida can vary from a few months to several years, depending on case complexity, the extent of negotiations required, and whether the case goes to trial.

Pain and suffering are calculated using methods like the multiplier method or the per diem method, considering factors such as the severity of injuries and the impact on the victim’s quality of life.

Generally, compensation received for physical injuries or medical expenses from a car accident settlement is not taxable. However, parts of the settlement, like punitive damages or lost wages, might be taxable. Consult with a tax advisor for specifics.

The amount for pain and suffering depends on the case’s specifics, with no set formula for calculation. Factors include the injury severity, recovery time, and the overall impact on the victim’s life.

Settlements for neck and back injuries can vary significantly based on the injury severity, required medical treatment, and the injury’s long-term impact. Consultation with Delray Beach car accident lawyers can provide an estimate tailored to your specific case.

Car accident settlements in Florida vary widely. Factors influencing settlement amounts include medical costs, lost wages, and the severity of the injuries. Experienced lawyers can help maximize your settlement based on these factors.

If you lose a car accident lawsuit, you may be responsible for your own legal costs and possibly some of the defendant’s costs, depending on the case’s specifics and the court’s decision.

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After getting in my first car accident I was extremely overwhelmed. Between the pain and stress caused from the accident to all the medical bills and legal work, the anxiousness was crippling. That was until I was referred to Rosen Injury Law by my friend, they made all the difference. Eric Rosen along with his team took such good care of me, I cannot thank them enough! Alex and Melissa were constantly contacting me to make sure I was receiving the best treatment and always answered all of my questions promptly. I was able to heal and cope after the accident with the utmost peace of mind that I was working with the best team. I would recommend, 10/10!!

Antonella Diaz

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