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Introducing Eric Rosen

Advocate for victims of motorcycle accidents in Delray Beach

If you’re a motorcyclist and have been in an accident in Delray Beach, Florida, don’t risk representing yourself in court, trying to litigate against expensive insurance company lawyers. Doing so could prevent you from obtaining a fair settlement for the physical, emotional, financial, or other losses that you have endured.

Eric Rosen, a civil trial specialist, has extensive experience in arguing motorcycle accident lawsuits, and other types of personal injury cases. You can count on his deep knowledge and experience to land you the lucrative settlement that you deserve.


Expert Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Delray Beach

If you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident, it’s important to remember that insurance companies retain experienced, resourceful attorneys to represent them. Their goal is to minimize what they have to pay out. Still, Eric Rosen and his team of no-nonsense litigators have obtained more than $100 million in settlements for their innocent clients.


No-Fee Policy

The personal injury attorneys at Rosen Injury do not charge any money upfront for their services. Plus, all fees and expenses related to the case will be taken care of, and you’ll never owe a penny until you receive your settlement.


Free Consultation

If you’ve had an accident on your motorcycle, but aren’t sure if your case will be valid in court, it’s smart to schedule a free consultation appointment with Eric Rosen’s team today. Let us determine if your case has sufficient plausibility.


Proven Results

The down-to-business Delray Beach motorcycle injury attorneys at Rosen Injury do not settle easily when it comes to getting their clients fairly compensated for the suffering they’ve endured. We don’t stop until we win.

Frequently Asked Questions

The expert personal injury attorneys at Rosen Injury base their fees on contingency. That means that you owe nothing until your case is won and settled. At that point, depending on the variables of your case, you can expect to pay between 1/3 and 1/2 of the amount of the settlement.

If an ambulance is needed, call one first. Then, call us. One of our expert attorneys will advise you about what to do and say next. After that, you should call the police, and start taking pictures, videos, and notes.

Your personal injury lawsuit can only be decided in court. However, if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you’ll find great benefit in the advice you get from our team of legal experts. Call us and we’ll discuss your situation.

There are various types of compensation you may be entitled to if you are the innocent victim of a motorcycle accident, including reimbursement for medical expenses, damage to your property, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and payment for income that you were unable to earn while recovering.

It varies from state to state, but in Florida, you have up to 48 months from the date of an accident to file your personal injury claim. However, in the specific case of a motorcycle accident, you only have 24 months.

In Palm Beach, the no-fault car insurance system ensures that your insurance provider covers your damages regardless of fault, but motorcyclists are not required to carry PIP coverage. In where the motorcyclist carries no PIP coverage or cases of serious injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents, you have the right to step outside this system and pursue a lawsuit against the responsible party.

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We go the extra mile to help our clients get the settlement they deserve.

Incredible attorney who puts his heart into every case!

Eric Rosen is an incredible attorney who puts his heart into every case. He captures his jury with his passion and he fights for his clients. He digs in and pushes through when the going gets tough, which has resulted in great outcomes for his clients. His paralegal is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. Together, they make for a great experience!

Monica Heuman

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