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What Happens If You Lose Your Personal Injury Case in Florida?

Attorney Eric Rosen

Even the greatest attorneys in the world sometimes have their losses. And although the client may have genuinely required justice for their claim, there are a multitude of reasons that could have resulted in them losing their case. But just because you lost your case at the trial level does not mean it is the end of the road.

If your attorneys believe there is a mistake or incorrect decision made by the court during your trial, then there is the possibility of an appeal. Appealing is the process of bringing your case that was heard at the trial level to a higher court. In Florida, this would be the Court of Appeals. If the Court of Appeals agrees to hear your appeal, they will consider what went wrong at the trial level and if the mistake or decision at issue was unfair or an improper procedural decision.

If the court decides you were suffered a significant injustice during your initial trial, the Court of Appeals may then send your case back to the trial level to be heard once more with new instructions for the lower court to follow. Call Rosen Injury Law at 954-787-1500 with any questions about your potential personal injury case.

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