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Meet Eric Rosen

Pembroke Pines' Best Truck Accident Lawyers

Eric Rosen possesses the expertise to confront formidable defendants with deep pockets. Trucking companies, known for prolonging cases in court for years, face considerable risk when confronted by Rosen Injury Law.


When negligence on their part causes harm, it is the victims who receive protection under the law, rather than the corporate lawyers safeguarding profits.


Eric Rosen established Rosen Injury Law with the purpose of advocating for the rights of those injured in trucking accidents and other incidents. No one should have their life diminished or destroyed by a truck accident, and Eric Rosen tirelessly fights for justice on their behalf.


Mr. Rosen commenced his legal career as an assistant district attorney in Broward County, where he relentlessly championed the cause of crime victims. Now, he channels the same unwavering dedication towards individuals harmed by the negligence of trucking companies.


As a Florida Board-Certified Civil Trial Specialist, Mr. Rosen is among the select few, with less than 2% of Florida attorneys receiving this honor. His outstanding Avvo rating of 10/10 and stellar 5 out of 5 stars in client reviews further attest to his capabilities. Mr. Rosen holds a Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University and a B.S. from the University of Arizona.


Our Skilled Truck Accident Lawyers in Pembroke Pines Can Help

Our team of skilled truck accident lawyers in Pembroke Pines is ready to assist you. At Rosen Injury Law, we can help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other damages you have suffered.


No-Fee Policy

Trucking companies possess substantial financial resources to dedicate to their legal defense, while personal injury victims often have far less. In recognition of this disparity, Rosen Injury Law ensures a level playing field by implementing a no-fee policy.


Free Consultation

Rosen Injury Law offers complimentary consultations to address all your inquiries concerning a truck accident case. Our initial consultations equip clients with a comprehensive understanding of their standing and the measures required to recover their losses.


Proven Results

Rosen Injury Law has successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We persist in the fight as long as necessary to compel trucking companies to fulfill their obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance companies in Pembroke Pines typically take about 30 days to investigate a truck accident and decide on a claim. As Pembroke Pines is in a no-fault state, PIP insurance covers economic damages regardless of who was at fault. However, for general damages, personal injury cases may take several years to resolve.

The amount of compensation varies greatly depending on the severity of the accident and the party at fault. Some claims may settle for a five-figure sum, while others may be significantly higher.

Yes, even if you were partially at fault, you’re still eligible for compensation, although the amount might be reduced based on your degree of fault.

Your own insurance company should cover your economic damages, and you have the right to pursue the at-fault driver for general damages.

Various types of evidence are accepted in Florida courts, including witness statements, videos, police and medical reports, and accident reconstructions, all of which can support your personal injury claim.

Reach out to Rosen Injury Law. We can help ensure that insurance companies pay full PIP damages and, if necessary, take them to court to fight for general damages such as pain and suffering.

What people say about us

We go the extra mile to help our clients get the settlement they deserve.

Eric treats his clients with courtesy and respect!
I’ve known Eric for nearly 10 years and watched him grow into an accomplished trial attorney. He is thorough, hard- working and creative. He treats his clients with courtesy and respect and is always responsive to their concerns.
Linda Alley

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