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The cunning personal injury lawyers at our law firm work persistently to secure the largest possible settlements for our respected clientele. Let us battle for you in the courtroom if you’ve been harmed in a car accident.


Motorcycle Accidents

Eric Rosen and his team of effective motorcycle accident lawyers in Miramar, Florida will fight for you and make certain that you’re paid fairly for your physical wounds and financial losses.


Truck Accidents

If you were harmed due to the disregard of a commercial motor vehicle driver, you’re eligible for compensation for hospital and doctor bills, lost earnings, and the emotional suffering that you’ve experienced.


Auto Accidents

If involved in an automotive crash, call your legal representative here at Rosen Injury for advice about what to do and say at the accident scene.


Slip & Fall Accidents

All business entities are liable for the safety of their customers and employees. If you’ve fallen or been wounded, contact us for high-energy legal representation.


Wrongful Death

Nothing can remove the hurt of wrongful death. However, the personal injury lawyers at our law firm can guarantee that you get the maximum possible compensation for your misery.


Product / Premises Liability Claims

If you’ve been harmed because of a defective product or hazardous working conditions, permit our clever personal injury attorneys to act for you in the courtroom.



Almost everyone adores dogs, until they’re attacked and bitten. If somebody failed to supervise their dog, and it bit you, fair compensation is warranted. Telephone us today, so we can begin helping you.

Why Choose Us

Miramar personal injury attorney Eric Rosen is accredited by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial Law, an honor earned by less than 2% of attorneys in the Sunshine State. Trust him and his team for fervent advocacy.


No-Fee Policy

When you join forces with the Rosen Injury Law Firm, there’s no money required upfront. We work on eventualities, so we’re continually motivated to secure maximum settlement amounts.


Free Consultation

If you have concerns about the authenticity of your personal injury circumstances, visit us and discuss your situation with our lineup of brilliant lawyers today. We’re here to assist you


Proven Results

With numerous years of merged experience, our personal injury lawyers offer eager representation based on well-proven strategies. Let us ensure maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Florida, the fee structure for personal injury attorneys typically ranges between 33% to 40% of the recovered sum. This arrangement can significantly aid individuals burdened by medical expenses and other costs stemming from their injury.

Consider engaging a personal injury lawyer in Florida under circumstances such as sustaining major injuries in an accident, a family member’s death due to negligence, disputes over who is at fault, denial of your insurance claim without valid reason, dog bite incidents, harm due to a faulty product, or experiencing medical malpractice, among other scenarios.

Upon concluding your case, your attorney will issue a check that represents the final settlement amount after deducting legal fees, court expenses, liens, and other related costs. The net amount you receive accounts for the full settlement less these deductions.

In Florida, a personal injury lawsuit seeks to hold an individual or entity accountable for causing harm to another person. Through legal proceedings, the injured party can demand compensation for losses from the responsible party, leading to financial restitution for the incurred injuries and damages.

To evaluate pain and suffering in Florida, factors such as the severity and duration of the injury, emotional distress, and its impact on life quality are considered. The legal team at Rosen Injury specializes in accurately determining the compensation for pain and suffering for their clients.

Settlements received for physical injuries or sickness are non-taxable in Florida, provided you have not previously deducted medical expenses related to the injury or sickness on your tax returns.

Florida law stipulates a four-year period from the date of the accident or event to file a personal injury lawsuit. Cases filed beyond this timeframe are unlikely to be entertained by the civil courts.

There’s no replacement for our demonstrated expertise across many years of service. We don’t advise you to contend in court against a qualified team of litigators. Trust us to secure the maximum settlement possible in your case.

If you’re close to Miramar, Florida, and wish to schedule a session with Mr. Rosen, simply call 954-371-0449. You can also call us toll-free at 844-935-1500. We look forward to assisting you!

Initiating a personal injury lawsuit in Florida involves several steps: collecting evidence right after the accident, seeking immediate medical attention, arranging an initial meeting with a personal injury lawyer, compiling evidence to bolster your claim, and sending a demand letter to the party at fault, among other steps.

First, don’t confess guilt at the scene. If someone needs medical care, call an ambulance. Then, call your legal representative here at Rosen Injury. We’ll advise you about what to do and say next.

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I would like to highly recommend Eric and his firm. He handled a personal injury claim for my wife and I. He was very responsive, stayed on top of the insurance company, negotiated a fair settlement, negotiated down all of our medical bills and had us fully compensated quickly. I would recommend Eric without exception, and while I hope I never need to use his services again, if I am ever in another unfortunate situation, its good to know I have Eric to depend on.

Ed Galante

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