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Our Sympathetic Personal Injury Attorneys in Miami Beach Can Help



Establishing who’s guilty in a car accident can be difficult. That’s why it’s essential to retain the services of a highly skilled, proven-effective personal injury attorney.


Motorcycle Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash in Miami Beach, Florida, you’re going to need effective legal representation. Contact our team of dogmatic personal injury experts today.


Truck Accidents

Companies with fleets of commercial vehicles are always armed with resourceful attorneys to minimize what they have to pay out in settlements. Allow our strategic attorneys to fight for you in court!


Auto Accidents

Count on our Miami Beach personal injury lawyers whenever you’re involved in an automotive accident. We’ll coach you through the entire situation to create the best results for you.


Slip & Fall Accidents

Shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial establishments are responsible for the safety of their patrons, workers, and visitors. Contact Rosen Injury today if you have fallen and injured yourself.


Wrongful Death

Sometimes, tragic events happen. If you have lost your loved one in a wrongful death situation, you need an effective attorney to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your suffering.


Product / Premises Liability Claims

If you have been injured because of a defective product or dangerous working conditions, allow our top-rated team of personal injury attorneys to fight for your rights in court.



Being bitten by an uncontrolled canine can cause severe emotional turmoil, permanent scarring, or worse. Trust Eric Rosen’s effective attorneys to achieve the highest level of compensation for your dog-bite injuries.

Why Choose Us

Certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial Law, the Rosen Injury Law Firm serves Miami Beach and surrounds with superior-quality legal services. Throughout decades of dedicated service, we have secured over $100 million in personal injury settlements for our valued clients in southern Florida. Call us or visit online today for intense representation to ensure the courtroom justice you deserve.


No-Fee Policy

You don’t have to worry about having money for legal fees upfront when you work with our team of top-rated personal injury attorneys. We work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t have to pay anything until you receive your settlement payment.


Free Consultation

Benefit from a no-charge, sit-down consultation with one of Rosen Injury’s board-certified personal harm lawyers. We’ll help determine the validity of your claim, and advise you about your best options going forward.


Proven Results

Our top-rated Miami Beach law firm is fully committed to representing our clients who have innocently suffered injury due to another’s negligence. We are respected throughout southern Florida as firm litigators who never back down until our clients receive the fair compensation they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our experience, it’s true that both sides of any personal injury case prefer to settle without going to court. When possible, that makes the entire legal process a lot simpler for everyone involved. However, of course, some cases have to be battled out inside a courtroom.

From a legal standpoint, when you’re injured due to no fault of your own, you’re entitled to fair compensation for lost wages, doctor’s bills, and all other monetary, emotional, and physical suffering that you have to endure. That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced team of attorneys who understand how to achieve the best results.

Every case is unique. However, the primary goal is to reach resolution as quickly as possible. You can count on our team of knowledgeable personal injury lawyers to work diligently to secure maximum compensation for your losses in the shortest time achievable.

If you’re physically able to do so, contact your attorney here at Rosen Injury. Try to gather contact information of other people who were involved in the accident, and never admit guilt at the scene. Call us and we will coach you through it.

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Highly recommend Eric and his firm!

I would like to highly recommend Eric and his firm. He handled a personal injury claim for my wife and I. He was very responsive, stayed on top of the insurance company, negotiated a fair settlement, negotiated down all of our medical bills and had us fully compensated quickly. I would recommend Eric without exception, and while I hope I never need to use his services again, if I am ever in another unfortunate situation, its good to know I have Eric to depend on.

Ed Galante

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