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Can You Sue for Personal Injury Damages During Florida Hurricanes?

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Often during hurricanes, there is damage that a person sustains that is more than just property damage. People may sustain physical injuries during hurricanes that may be someone else’s fault.

Say perhaps you are a renter, and your landlord failed to maintain your property in a reasonably safe condition. That failure to maintain the property likely made your home more susceptible to damage from a hurricane, and your landlord may be liable for any injuries that you have suffered because of that negligence.

If you live in Florida especially, you are likely no stranger to the damage hurricanes can cause. Just recently, Hurricane Ian passed through the state of Florida, causing severe devastation to several parts of the state. Alongside colossal amounts of property damage, there are countless cases of people who became injured whether from falling debris, collapsing of their homes, or other events that led to their injury.

However, there are many circumstances where homes are not kept in a reasonably safe condition. For example, your landlord may have known that your roof, walls, or other structures in your house were falling apart or in a weak condition. It is entirely possible that but for your landlord’s failure to maintain and fix dangerous conditions on your property, you may not have suffered injuries from falling debris in your own home.

Naturally, such a claim would require strict investigation to determine that there is sufficient evidence to prove that you would not have suffered those injuries were it not for your landlord’s negligent maintenance of the property. At Rosen Injury Law, our team of dedicated attorneys and paralegals are determined to provide the best possible representation to ensure that you can receive compensation for your injuries sustained during a hurricane.

If you or a loved one have been injured during Hurricane Ian and you believe someone else may be at fault, call Rosen Injury Law at 954-787-1500.


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