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Leading West Palm Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Meet Attorney Eric Rosen

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need skilled, intelligent legal representation. Eric Rosen, a former prosecutor turned personal injury lawyer, has the experience and resources needed to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your physical, emotional, financial, and other losses.

The seasoned attorneys at Rosen Injury have been awarded more than $100 million in jury verdicts in favor of our clients. Trust Mr. Rosen and his team to deliver exceptional legal services and fight to achieve the best outcome for you in court.


Proficient Motorcycle Accident Attorney in West Palm Beach

After a motorcycle accident in West Palm Beach, remember that insurance companies retain expensive lawyers to keep their payouts at minimums. That’s why you need effective, no-nonsense representation from an attorney who’s seriously driven to achieve the best settlement possible. You’ll feel confident with a team of expert litigators in your corner.

No fee policy image highlighting the personal injury lawyer's commitment to clients in Florida, offering diligent representation with no upfront costs in Palm Beach and Broward counties, ensuring access to legal services for all personal injury needs.

No-Fee Policy

There’s no need to pay to retain our services. We work on contingency, meaning you owe zero dollars until we secure your settlement. And if we fail (we don’t), you owe nothing.

Free consultation banner for South Florida personal injury attorneys ready to discuss your accident and injury cases at no initial cost, demonstrating the firm's dedication to providing legal assistance and protecting your rights in personal injury claims.

Free Consultation

Schedule a free initial consultation today. Come in, sit down, and discuss your claim with one of our expert personal injury lawyers. We’ll listen and offer accurate advice about what your best options are, and the best course of action to proceed with.

Display of proven results achieved by personal injury lawyers in Florida, emphasizing the firm's success in securing compensation for clients through diligent legal representation in car accident and medical malpractice cases across FL jurisdictions.

Proven Results

Our attorneys are committed to achieving stellar results on every case. We don’t stop fighting for our clients until they receive a fair settlement that makes sense for the losses they’ve incurred. To date, Rosen Injury has secured more than $100 million in jury verdicts for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The highly respected personal injury and wrongful death lawyers at Rosen Injury work on a contingency percentage basis, meaning the client owes nothing unless a settlement is achieved. Once a settlement is locked in, the client pays between 33% and 50% to the law firm.

If you or someone else is obviously injured, call an ambulance. Then, call your attorney here at Rosen Injury. We’ll give you real-time advice about what to do and say, and what not to do or say. Never admit to guilt at the scene, and try to gather contact information from witnesses and others involved in the accident.

If you’re unsure about the plausibility of compensation in your situation, call us now and schedule a free consultation appointment. We’ll sit down with you and discuss the details, and advise you about your smartest options.

If you are the innocent victim of a motorcycle accident, you’re entitled to fair compensation for all the losses and suffering you’ve endured. This includes medical bills, lost wages, reimbursement for property damage, and payment for the physical and emotional trauma you’ve lived through.

After you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident in West Palm Beach, you have up to 24 months to file a personal injury lawsuit. Be aware that most other types of personal injury claims have a 48-month filing limit.

You can speak with one of our team by calling us toll-free at 844-935-1500, or, if you’re local, you can dial 954-371-0449. Our corporate office is located at 5599 S. University Drive, Ste. 206

Davie, FL 33328. And you may also Contact Us Online Here.

What people say about us

We go the extra mile to help our clients get the settlement they deserve.

5-star client reviews for a Florida personal injury law firm, reflecting clients’ satisfaction with the diligent personal injury representation and successful outcomes in personal injury cases, highlighting the trust and confidence placed in our skilled personal injury lawyers in Palm Beach and Broward counties.
Incredible attorney who puts his heart into every case!

Eric Rosen is an incredible attorney who puts his heart into every case. He captures his jury with his passion and he fights for his clients. He digs in and pushes through when the going gets tough, which has resulted in great outcomes for his clients. His paralegal is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. Together, they make for a great experience!

Monica Heuman

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