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Meet Eric Rosen

Hollywood's Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Eric Rosen defends law-abiding motorcycle riders injured in Hollywood, Florida. He has helped injured motorcyclists garner substantial settlements in Hollywood and other areas of Florida.

 Eric Rosen earned a Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University. Fewer than two percent of Florida attorneys have been honored with Rosen’s distinction as a board-certified civil trial specialist. Rosen’s Hollywood legal team won a 10/10 Avvo rating and 5-star client reviews.


Our Skilled Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Hollywood Can Help

Rosen Injury Law, P.A. has decades of experience handling Hollywood motorcycle injury cases, recovering full compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and wrongful death.

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Hollywood motorcycle collisions can cause extensive injuries that require expensive care. Rosen Injury law provides service at no up-front cost to clients.

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Motorcycle accident attorneys rarely provide the individualized attention for which Rosen Injury Law is known. We provide professional legal services with a personal touch.

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Proven Results

Rosen Injury Law defies the public perception of personal injury attorneys waiting for a settlement. Instead, we garner substantial verdicts and settlements for injured motorcyclists.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Hollywood


The following are some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents in Hollywood:

  • Rear-end collisions: Rear-end collisions are the most common type of motorcycle accident, accounting for over 40% of all motorcycle accidents. Rear-end collisions can occur when a car driver fails to see a motorcycle in front of them or when they misjudge the distance between the two vehicles.
  • Head-on collisions: Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous types of motorcycle accidents, as they can often result in serious injuries or death. Head-on collisions can occur when a car driver crosses the center line or when they drift into the oncoming lane of traffic.
  • Intersection collisions: Intersection collisions are also common, especially in busy urban areas like Hollywood. Intersection collisions can occur when a car driver fails to yield to a motorcycle or when they turn in front of a motorcycle.
  • Lane-splitting accidents: Lane-splitting, also known as white lining, is the practice of riding a motorcycle between the lanes of traffic. Lane-splitting can be dangerous, as it can increase the risk of a collision with a car or truck.

Common Injuries Sustained by Motorcycle Riders in Accidents


Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable to injuries in accidents due to the lack of protection that their vehicles provide. Some of the most common injuries sustained by motorcycle riders in accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs): TBIs can range from mild to severe and can cause a variety of cognitive, physical, and emotional problems.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis and other serious disabilities.
  • Broken bones: Broken bones are common in motorcycle accidents and can be very painful and debilitating.
  • Internal bleeding: Internal bleeding can be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention.
  • Burns: Burns can occur if a motorcycle rider is ejected from their vehicle or if their motorcycle catches fire.
  • Road rash: Road rash is a painful condition that occurs when the skin is scraped off by the pavement.



Damages that Injured Motorcyclists May Be Entitled to Recover


Injured motorcyclists may be entitled to recover a variety of damages, including:

  • Medical expenses: This includes the cost of hospitalization, surgery, doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, and physical therapy.
  • Lost wages: This includes the wages that the injured motorcyclist would have earned if they had not been injured.
  • Pain and suffering: This includes compensation for the physical and emotional pain and suffering that the injured motorcyclist has experienced.
  • Property damage: This includes the cost of repairing or replacing the injured motorcyclist’s motorcycle and other personal property that was damaged in the accident.



Frequently Asked Questions

Although most claims resolve in one to two years, some Hollywood motorcycle accident claims may be delayed if the cyclist sustained particularly serious injuries. Rosen Injury law is also prepared to take depositions and go to trial if necessary, which may take several years.

Injured motorcyclists can expect larger awards for more serious injuries that adversely impact the rider’s life. In general, Hollywood riders may recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and “non-economic” awards for pain and suffering.

Yes. If you are under 50 percent at fault for injuries, you can recover compensation. Hollywood courts will apportion a percentage of fault to other negligent but ensure the total adds up to 100.

Hollywood law offers optional uninsured or underinsured motorist protection that few cyclists take. As such, most riders must pursue personal injury claims to recover compensation.

Hollywood accident victims and their representatives have abundant means to prove fault in a motorcycle accident, including:

  • Witness testimony
  • Cell-phone coverage
  • Police reports
  • Accident reconstruction

 Your testimony will also be integral to proving fault in a Hollywood auto accident.

If an insurance company denies your claim, you have the right to bring a personal injury suit against at-fault parties. Rosen Injury Law stands by motorcyclists perceived as selfish or assuming risk for their preferred means of transportation. Let our Hollywood legal professionals deal with insurance adjusters and go to court if necessary.

What people say about us

We go the extra mile to help our clients get the settlement they deserve.

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Incredible attorney who puts his heart into every case!

Eric Rosen is an incredible attorney who puts his heart into every case. He captures his jury with his passion and he fights for his clients. He digs in and pushes through when the going gets tough, which has resulted in great outcomes for his clients. His paralegal is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. Together, they make for a great experience!

Monica Heuman

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