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What Questions Should I Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring Them in Florida?

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When selecting a law firm to represent you it’s important to make sure they are qualified to handle your case. The law firm you choose should have experience handling your type of case and should be able to work closely with you to ensure the greatest outcome.

Below, Rosen Injury Law attorney, Alex Litowsky, answers some of the most frequently asked questions our clients ask when deciding if we are the right law firm to represent them.

What institution did you earn your law degree from?

“Nova Southeastern Shepard Broad College of Law”

What is your approach or philosophy to winning or representing your cases?

“Preparation is key. I spend time ascertaining all the potential twists and turns so that I can respond to different situations effectively and decide which strategies to use for each case. Every case, big or small, is given the same amount of care and attention. I also intentionally spend time getting to know the client, this makes for easier communication between myself and the client moving forward and also helps me understand the impact that the injury has had on their life.”

What made you decide to go into law?

“I went into law because I love learning. The law is constantly changing and evolving, so there is always something new to learn. The law can also be subjective; so being able to analyze the law and apply it to specific circumstances keeps my mind sharp.”

And what drew you to personal injury?

“I was drawn to helping those who cannot help themselves against giant insurance companies and big corporations that only care about their own bottom line. I do not like bullies, and these insurance companies do just that, bully.”

What do you love most about your job and working at Rosen Injury Law?

“The first word that came to mind when you asked this question was justice. I love being able to help my clients by winning their cases. Working at Rosen Injury Law is very collaborative, which is one thing that sets it apart from other firms. When you hire Rosen Injury Law to represent you, you are truly getting the whole team. We are very client-centered and focused on getting the best outcomes for each of our clients.”

To learn more about Alex, visit her company profile by clicking here.


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