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What Elements Are Important in a Florida Workplace Construction Accident Claim?


Construction is a very dangerous industry. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that there were approximately 1,061 work-related deaths in the construction industry in 2019. The following article will discuss some of the most common causes of workplace construction accidents and will also provide practical tips for employers and employees in the construction industry to help prevent these types of accidents.

What are the top causes of construction workplace accidents?

As previously mentioned, the construction industry is very hazardous, and as such, there are several factors that can cause workplace accidents. Some of the top causes of construction workplace accidents include:

  1. Falls: Falls are the top cause of construction workplace accidents. This includes falls off roofs, ladders, scaffoldings, and skyscrapers, and also includes falls into unprotected holes or improperly constructed walking/working areas.
  2. Slips and trips: In the construction industry, there are many hazards present that could result in a slip or trip accident. For example, there may be uneven ground or open platforms which could cause an accident if the proper protections are not in place.
  3. Being struck by an object: Swinging or falling objects (for example, from rigging failures, loose materials, and equipment malfunctions) can also pose a threat to construction workers.
  4. Electrocutions: Construction sites pose a specifically high risk of electrocutions because of exposed wiring and potential wet conditions while working (i.e. rain/snow). This risk can also be heightened by the presence of overhead power lines, circuit malfunctions, and lightning strikes.
  5. Getting caught or crushed: These incidents include workers getting crushed by machines, being caught in excavation collapses, and being crushed between moving equipment.

How can one prevent workplace construction accidents?

Construction accidents are preventable if the proper steps are taken to ensure the safety of construction workers. There are a few tips for preventing construction accidents in the workplace:

  1. Frequently clean your work area. If your work area is constantly cluttered with debris and tools, it can cause you to slip and fall. If you frequently clean your work area, you can reduce the occurrence of these types of accidents.
  2. Stay educated. Employers and employees alike should ensure that they are consistently updated on the appropriate safety measures for the workplace and that they are adhering to these measures to reduce accidents.
  3. Prevent falls. Because falls are the most common type of construction accidents, safety measures such as guardrails and scaffolding should be used to prevent falls.
  4. Wear proper attire. Construction workers can be severely injured if they do not wear the appropriate attire (steel-toed shoes, for example). As such, always ensure that you are wearing the appropriate attire so that you can reduce the impact of what could be a serious injury.

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