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What Are the Differences Between Truck and Car Accidents in Florida?


The following article will discuss some of the major differences between truck and car accidents.

  1. Truck accidents typically result in more severe injuries. Because of the significant size of trucks compared to the size of standard vehicles, accidents involving trucks are much more likely to cause serious injury. Another factor that contributes to the severity of truck accident injuries involves the fact that large trucks require a greater distance to stop than do standard vehicles. For example, tractor-trailers are unable to stop as quickly as many cars can, which leads to more accidents. Furthermore, large trucks require more room than cars to navigate a turn. This means that if they have to make a sudden turn, they will be more likely to tip over, increasing the risk of crushing a nearby vehicle.
  2. Suing a truck driver for injuries typically involves the trucking company as well. When a semi-truck is involved, the lawsuit involves the trucking company in an accident and a person with injuries sues, the truck driver’s trucking company will also typically be involved in the process. In turn, dealing with a trucking company also involves dealing with the company’s insurance carrier and the company’s lawyers. It is important to note that these lawyers want to avoid paying out large settlements and as such, it is recommended that you obtain a personal injury attorney to best represent your interests.
  3. Trucking accidents could have multiple causes. Unlike in the typical car accident where human error (for example, failing to stop at a red light or changing lanes without signaling) is the most likely cause, determining the cause of trucking accidents can often be difficult. However, with trucking accidents, a significant amount of the responsibility for an accident will still fall on the driver, but maybe not all of it. Though human error can be a cause of trucking accidents, it may not be the sole cause. For example, equipment failure plays a significant role in causing trucking accidents. As such, if a part of the truck malfunctions, causing the driver to get into an accident, this will relieve some of the liability of the driver. However, it is important to understand that even if there is equipment failure, a driver can still be liable. For example, if a driver was required to have certain parts of the truck inspected but failed to do so and these parts malfunctioned, causing an accident, the driver would still be liable for any injuries resulting from the accident, despite the malfunction.

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