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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Car Accident > Do Insurance Companies Hire Investigators to Follow You in Florida?

Do Insurance Companies Hire Investigators to Follow You in Florida?


The answer quite simply, is yes. The business model for an insurance company is that they must find any avenue or reason to not pay out your claim. If insurance companies paid out every single claim they received, they would not be able to function as a business. Usually, their determination of whether or not to pay your claim comes from their investigation. And sometimes, that investigation includes hiring a private investigator to watch you and determine the truthfulness of your injuries.

Although insurance companies have somewhat of a justification for hiring investigators to protect against potential fraud, often they hire investigators to watch people who are genuinely injured. Despite that, if the private investigator catches you doing something that could be a contradiction to the injury you claimed to have received, they will report their findings to the insurance company and that evidence can be used against you.

Don’t worry too much, the private investigators cannot tap your phones or invade your privacy. But it is entirely possible the investigators will follow you into public areas to conduct their surveillance. Overall, always be careful and cautious when filing suit against your insurance company, especially if you have a significant injury that has a potentially high claim against the company.

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