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Meet Eric Rosen

Boca Raton's Best Car Accident Lawyer

Eric Rosen founded Rosen Injury Law because of his passion for helping accident victims. He understands that too many responsible drivers suffer horrific injuries due to the negligence of other motorists, and a severe car accident injury can forever change your life.

Rosen Injury Law has made it its mission to fight for the rights of car accident victims. Under Mr. Rosen’s direction, the firm has collected hundreds of millions of dollars for clients. The litigation team understands that it’s key to never give up the fight. Determined, experienced, and talented personal injury lawyers make the most litigious insurers pay their fair share or suffer the consequences.

Mr. Rosen began his career as a Broward County assistant district attorney, where he championed victim rights. He has brought his prosecutorial trial experience to personal injury law, where he heads the Boca Raton area’s premier injury victim law firm.


Our Skilled Car Accident Lawyers in Boca Raton Can Help

Rosen Injury Law can help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other damages you have suffered.


No-Fee Policy

The last thing accident victims need is to bear the cost of retainers and monthly bills. Rosen Injury law works on contingency: We get paid when you collect.


Free Consultation

After an injury accident, most victims have many questions, worries, and doubts. A free consultation with Rosen Injury Law dispels worry and doubt while answering vital questions.


Proven Results

Rosen Injury Law has won hundreds of millions of dollars for clients, including many multi-million dollar settlements. We mean business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, insurance companies take about 30 days to investigate a car accident and issue a claims decision. Since Boca Raton is in a no-fault state, your insurer covers your medical bills, lost income, and other economic damages regardless of how the accident occurred. 

However, when the other driver is at fault, his insurer bears liability for your general damages, such as pain and suffering. The opposing insurance company also renders a claims decision in about 30 days. If the settlement is inadequate, as it often is at this stage, you have four years from the accident date to bring a lawsuit.

Regardless of fault, your insurer must pay your economic damages, including all related medical bills and lost income. Depending on fault, the other insurance company may be liable for general damages, such as emotional distress and pain and suffering in Boca Raton. 

General damages are a multiple of economic damages, with the multiple depending on the impact of the injury. As a result, some claims are worth $10,000 to $15,000, while others command damages in the millions.

Yes. Your insurer must pay your medical bills and lost income regardless of fault in Boca Raton. You can also collect general damages, such as pain and suffering, from the other party’s insurer, though the general damages may be reduced.

In Boca Raton,  your insurer must cover your economic damages, such as property damage, medical bills, and lost wages. However, your insurer bears no liability for general damages, such as pain and suffering. You must collect those damages through uninsured motorist protection coverage or from the other driver directly.

Many forms of evidence come into play in car accident cases. Accident reports, medical records, cellphone video and pictures, dashcam footage, security camera recordings, and witness statements represent common examples.

In some cases, expert witnesses, such as accident reconstruction experts, may be needed. Evidence of the other driver’s fault is key, especially because Boca Raton is in a modified comparative negligence state. According to this standard, your award is reduced when the other side succeeds in pushing part of the blame onto you.

Contact a Rosen Injury Law personal injury specialist  in Boca Raton if you receive a claim denial. We can help you appeal the decision and take the insurance company to court if it continues to stonewall you.

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We go the extra mile to help our clients get the settlement they deserve.

Eric Rosen Along With His Team Took Such Good Care Of Me

After getting in my first car accident I was extremely overwhelmed. Between the pain and stress caused from the accident to all the medical bills and legal work, the anxiousness was crippling. That was until I was referred to Rosen Injury Law by my friend, they made all the difference. Eric Rosen along with his team took such good care of me, I cannot thank them enough! Alex and Melissa were constantly contacting me to make sure I was receiving the best treatment and always answered all of my questions promptly. I was able to heal and cope after the accident with the utmost peace of mind that I was working with the best team. I would recommend, 10/10!!

Antonella Diaz

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