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Rosen Injury

Can I Still Recover for My Injuries After a Car Accident if I Received a Ticket in Florida?

In Fort Lauderdale, oftentimes at least one of the parties involved in a car accident…
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How Are Pre-Existing Injuries and Causation Determined In Florida Car Accident Cases?

One thing that accident victims have to prove to win their personal injury case is…
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How can Bodycam Footage Help You Win Your Accident Case in Florida?

In this article, Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys, Eric Rosen, and Alex Litowsky give us…
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What Must I Prove in My Florida Car Accident Personal Injury Case?

It’s important to note that you don’t have to prove that the negligent driver caused…
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Car Accident - Rosen Injury Law

Can I Sue for Loss of Earning Capacity After a Car Accident in Florida?

An award for lost loss of earning capacity should consider the injured party’s diminished ability…
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Why Do Defendants Like Arbitration Agreements in Florida?

Arbitration clauses are in many different areas of law, but they seem to hurt consumers…
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Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

How Do Car Accidents While in an Uber or Lyft Work in Florida?

Uber and Lyft are transportation network companies. This means that if a rideshare driver was…
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Rear End Accident

What Should I Do After a Rear End Collision in Florida?

Florida has a presumption in rear end accidents that, if a driver rear ends a car…
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