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Which Baby Stroller Manufacturer Recalled 14,000 Baby Jogging Strollers?

Stroller Recall

A major manufacturer of baby strollers just recalled 14,000 baby jogging strollers due to a design which could lead to the severing of a child’s finger. According to the company’s website, this all-terrain RIDGE jogging strollers has a dangerous disc brake design, which has already led to one child’s severing their finger. The company’s website specifically says that the rear disc brakes have openings, which could lead to amputation or lacerations. This is a classic case of what could lead to a product liability lawsuit against UPPAbaby.

A manufacturer can be held liable for damages as a result of injury sustained by an unreasonably dangerous product. There are a few tests that we look at in a strict liability design defect case. One question we ask is did the product perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would expect? Would an ordinary consumer expect that these disc brakes can cause an amputation to a child’s finger? The other question we look at is the risk utility test. That question looks at whether the risk of injury outweighs the benefits of the design. In my view, the family of a child who lost their finger as a result of this design would have a strong case against UPPAbaby.

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