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Where Can Florida Injury Lawyers Get Qualified Leads Instantly?

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If you’re an attorney in the state of Florida, then you’re going to want to read this!

My firm, Rosen Injury Law has been getting a lot of calls for cases that are outside of our practice area. Cases like landlord-tenant law, will and trusts, criminal defense, labor and employment, and even real estate transactions. Our firm is looking for really good lawyers to refer those cases to. And it has become really inefficient to go on Facebook groups to post about the case, and then have someone tag somebody else in the post to then have to hunt down that person’s contact information. That is why we have decided to create our very own Referral Network instead. By joining our FREE referral network, you can instantly start getting quality cases from our firm.

So I’m going to leave a link below so that you can register for our Referral Network. Click on that link if you’re an attorney and you practice something other than personal injury law. Leave your practice area, and your contact information, we’ll get it and we’re going to upload it into our case management system called Filevine, where we have a special project dedicated to referring cases to other lawyers. So go to the link below and leave your information to start getting cases today. Thanks!

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